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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 28, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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report," the day after his "state of the union" address, president obama gets major flak for his call for a partial federal spending freeze. the federal appeal to congress to pass healthcare reform has some democrats battling each other. more democrats are also bailing on the president's plan for a terrorist trial in new york. nothing he did not talk about in his speech. criticism of the court ruling elicits a defiant response from one of the justices. so who is right? we report, you decide. all that, plus the fox all-stars right here. right now. >> bret: woet welcome to ugh wi a. i'm bret baier. members of the president's own party are pushing back hard from a statement of the "state of the union" address. many want the pentagon to feel their pain over proposed spending freeze. >> families across the country are tightening their
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belts and making tough decisions. it's time for the federal government to do the same. >> president obama amplified in florida what he proposed to congress last night, a three-year partial spending freeze that aggravates the top house democrats because of these notable exemptions. >> spending related to our national security, medicare, medicaid, social security will not be effected. >> democrats are angry because they say the president is giving the defense budget a pass. house speaker nancy pelosi today demanded defense contracts and weapons system feel the freeze. >> just last year, the pentagon's 96 largest weapons acquisitions programs alone had cost overruns of $296 billion. i don't think they should be exempted from the freeze. >> the numbers came from a government accountability report detailing pentagon weapons systems waste. another member of the house democratic leadership blasted mr. obama's non-defense freeze. >> i think it's outrageous
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not everyone is included in this scrubbing on how we could save money. >> like the speaker, congressman becerra said there should be no cuts for war fighting, combat equipment or troop training. >> but i'm not interested in allow single source contracts that are overruns by the millions or billions be paid for by taxpayers. >> the pentagon spent more than $650 billion in 2009. mr. obama's proposed spending freeze would save at most $15 billion in 2011. analysts say there is room to economize. >> we spend almost as much in the u.s. as the rest of the world combined on defense. it's hard to believe that there aren't savings to be had from the defense budget. >> one of the president's top advisors told fox defense spend willing not be frozen. >> with a we want do at -- what we can't do at a time we're in two wars and we have a determined enemy in al-qaeda, we can't stand
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down. we have to make sure that we have adequate defense. >> mr. obama led production to halt the raptor, a fight they're pentagon decided was no longer necessary. boeing and lockheed martin fought to keep it. the congress stopped production at 187 units in july effectively killing the fighter program. axelrod left the door open for more cuts like this. >> that's why he along with secretary gates went in and canceled the weapons system that the pentagon themselves felt were not necessary and were big boondoggles. we'll continue to do that. >> the f-22 fight was epic. that's why the president waged it last year, not this year in election year. congressional sources tell fox there is no information from the white house it will target any defense systems this year, meaning the da ing i democratic argument over spending freeze will intensify. >> bret: major garrett on the north lawn.
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thank you. one comment got immediate reaction from a credital source. correspondent shannon bream explain what is the president said and how one very interested party responded. >> reporter: it was the head shake seen around the world. >> last week the supreme court reverse edd a century of law i believe will open the flood gates for special interest, including foreign corporations. [ applause ] to spend without limit in our election. >> justice samuel aleto appeared to say not true when the president characterized the supreme court opinion la for foreign money to flow into u.s. election. the opinion left the current law regarding bans on foreign donation to the u.s. campaign intact. foreign nationals are prohibited from directly or indirectly contributing or donating money or goods in federal state and local elections, from giving to committees of any political party or spending on electioneering communication. it applies to association,
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organized under or a principle place of business if a foreign country. the plaintiff in the citizens united case says he was surprised by the "state of the union" jab. >> for a constitutional scholar, you know, i'm not a constitutional scholar. i have don't prothe end to be one. but he is one. he claims to be one. he was just factually wrong when he attacked the supreme court the way he did it. >> a senior administration official tells fox news the white house is worried about possible loopholes that could allow foreign entities to gain influence via contribution from the u.s. subsidiaries and points to justice john paul stevens dissent warning that the majority reasoning would appear to have same protection to multi-national corporation to foreigners as individual americans. with those concerns in mind, the white house official says we are working on it with congress every day. there is a real urgency, but we are going to get it right. if you wait until after the influence occurs, it may be
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to late. some argue the scenario is not fo not-fashion fe far fetched. >> it's not inconceivable you could see citgo organization, spending $25 million on advertisement. >> the federal election commission has rules in place regarding the u.s. subsidia u.s. subsidiaries of foreign entities including a mandate any contribution must come from money in the u.s., not money from abroad. in in addition, only americans or those holding green cards can make decisions that the u.s. subsidiaries spend on political donations. >> thank you. >> bret: as you imagine, the review of the speech fell along party lines but carl cameron reports on what was the number one agenda item, the president still has a lot of convincing left to do. >> reporter: the top house democrat deemed the the
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president's "state of the union" speech masterful. and promised whatever it takes to get healthcare reform passed. >> we go through the gate, the gates close, we'll go over the fence, the fence is too high, we'll pole vault in. if that doesn't work, we'll parachute in, but we are going to get healthcare reform passed for the american people. >> a day after pelosi proposed ramming healthcare through on a fas track vote with $300 billion cost adjustment, her senate counterpart contradicted her saying the democrats still have no viable legislative plan to proceed. >> we can do healthcare reform this year, the question is at this stage procedurally how do we get where we need to go? >> reporter: mr. obama blamed gridlock, both parties, special interest and himself last night. >> i take my share of the blame for not explaining it more clearly to the american people. >> reporter: but some centrist democrats felt scapegoated. mary landrieu caught on tape. >> i thought he was pointing the finger at the senate a
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lot through the speech last night. >> was that fair? >> no, i don't think it was fair. >> moderate democrats like landrieu and virtually every republican says the impasse is not caused by them, but by the voters angry at the president and the agenda, which he acknowledged. >> change has not come fast enough. some are frustrated. some are angry. right now there are many americans who aren't sure if they believe we can change. or that i can deliver. >> republicans praised the president reference to nuclear power, offshore energy drilling and free trade but in total he jected the address as mostly more of the same. >> the president of the united states came to the will of congress and after apparently offering a nod, to focussing on jobs. he renewed his embrace of the failed economic policies of this congress and this administration to date. >> the president doesn't appear to have listened to what the people in massachusetts said, what the people in new jersey, and
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virginia had to say in the elections last year. and decided to just double down on his job killing agenda. >> it's not just republicans who are saying that. the poll suggests a lot of independents and the swing democrats are increasingly angry and worried that the president and his agenda is off the rails, and that the democratic party doesn't get it. bret? >> carl, we'll follow it. thank you. the senate today passed a $1.9 trillion increase in the federal debt ceiling. all 60 democrats voted for it. all 40 republicans voted against it. the measure puts the government on track for a national debt of $14.3 trillion. about $45,000 for every single american. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke has won a second four-year term from the senate. lawmakers confirm bernanke today by a vote of 70-30. bernanke had faced opposition from members of both parties over a perceived lack of oversight and his performance
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before and during the economic downturn. the vote came too late in the day to effect the stock market. the dow lost 1115 3/4. the nasdaq dropped 42 1/2. new claims for jobless benefits fell by 8,000 last week. a much more modest drop than expected. orders to u.s. factoriries for big manufacturers goods rose less than predicted. for a year durable goods orders plunged 20%, the largest drop on record dating back to 1992. president obama today announced $8 billion if funding for high-speed rail development. he talked about the program in a visit to tampa that you saw in major's piece that involved major corridors between big cities in florida, california, an and the mid-west. you can see correspondent steve harrigan's full report on the website. web exclusive on there.
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during the upcoming commercial break, check it out. see what else is on there and we'll see you back here in three minutes.
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>> bret: the effort to defeat president obama's plan to try 9/11 suspects in new york city picked up steam today. a pair of democrats joined the cause as national correspondent catherine herridge reports a republican is going after the money. >> my legislation would cut off all funding. >> republican congressman peter king is now trying to put the proverbial nail in the coffee of thugmaxwell housf. blocking it from federal court in manhattan or any other federal court in the country. >> it's made and it's
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undermining our war against terror. >> the administration 9/11 problem is metastasising. michael bloomberg wants a change of venue, reversal of his initial position, now two democrats, whose district covers lowerman and kirsten gillibrand are on board. share the concerns from the mayor and the business community kimberly guilfoyle said and i am open to alternative locations. >> we are filling unacceptable gaps revealed by the failed christmas attack. >> in the "state of the union" address there was a brief mention of flight 253, where nearly 300 americans could have been killed by an alleged al-qaeda bomber, but no mention of guantanamo bay and no direct reference to the 9/11 trials. >> throughout our history, no issue united the country more than our security. sadly some of the unity we felt after 9/11 has dissipated. >> the five suspects blamed for 9/11 attacks have yet to be tried. with little fanfare in the stroke of a pen last week, the military charges against
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them were withdrawn. it is a procedural move which paves the way for civilian charges to be filed. but with no word from the court where a federal grand jury is meeting, 8 1 1/2 years later, no one is on the hook for murder of nearly 3,000 americans. >> the only thing that changed since holder became the attorney general is now none of the 9/11 defendants are facing charges anywhere. >> in what appears to be a public effort to push back on criticism from the democrats, and the deputy white house secretary bill burton said the president continues to back the attorney general's position, that the 9/11 case can be successfully and safely litigated in federal court. privately, the congressional sources tell fox that the senior white house officials are already reaching out to lawmakers saying the polit ingis of the 9/11 case are horrible and the trial may not go forward in new york. bret? >> bret: if they wanted to put them back in military commissions they would have to restart the process to try them again? >> ithey would have to
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recharge the charges again and it could take months but they'd be back to square one in the military process. >> okay. thank you. news around the world, the u.s. military says al-qaeda in iraq leader responsible for bringing hundreds of suicide bombers across the border from syria is now dead. the man was killed last week after attacking a soldier during a joint u.s. iraqi raid in mosul. the government of iran has executed two men accused of involvement in armed anti-government group. they were hanged as new death sentences were issued against the opposition activist involves in protest over june's disputed presidential election. neither man appeared to be directly connected to the demonstration. the white house called the execution the low point if iran's crackdown on peaceful dissent. doctors in haiti say they cannot explain how a teenage girl survived 15 days buried beneath the rubble of a house. following this month's
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earthquake. the girl was taken to a french hospital ship following the rescue. she is expected to survive. former president bill clinton today appealed to the world economic forum for more money to rebuild haiti. he says invest in the the country's long term future is important. the u.n. says those helping to rebuild haiti should set aside 10% of the funds to prepare for future disasters. we'll tell you about a political comeback for a name you haven't heard much of lately. and the politics of the afghan war. now taliban may be talking about laying down arms. get wrapped up in the luscious taste of butternut squash, blended with delicate herbs. v8 golden butternut squash. from campbell's. a soup so velvety and delicious you won't be able to contain yourself. campbell's v8 soups.
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>> bret: officials from the u.s. and its allies were in london today to discuss the way forward in afghanistan.
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the meeting comes as reuters reports a u.n. official discussed a possible truce with taliban leaders earlier this month. correspondent greg palkot tells us getting the the taliban to lay down its arms has become a major objective. >> talking to the taliban. that was the talk of the international conference held today in london on the future of the war in afghanistan. in attendance, secretary of state hillary clinton. u.k. prime minister gordon brown. and others. with the war now in its ninth year and fighting as enhanced as ever, u.s., u.k. and nato looking for a way out. among the proposals is reintegrating the taliban fighters or leaders using hundreds of millions of dollars, jobs, housing. afghan president hamid karzai called for a grand conference this spring, and even the involvement of saudi arabia. >> we must reach out to all the countrymen, especially our disenchanted brothers. who are not part of our al-qaeda or other terrorist
6:23 pm
networks. >> as for the fight, itself, host prime minister brown claimed the tide was turning and this marked the beginning of transfer of security if provinces to the afghan forces he said could reach 300,000 by next year. >> as they become stronger, we can hand over to them responsibility of tackling terrorism and extremism. >> still, many acknowledge the afghan troops are not close to taking over and the bulk of the fighting will be carried on by the urging u.s. forces woes numbers will reach 100,000 this year. how much will nato criticize for not stopping up enough in the past help out? >> while we are searching tens of thousands you're talking about 1,000 here, 500 here, the numbers are appreciably smaller on the european side. >> all in all it's close to the 40,000 recommended by general mcchrystal. >> and evidents to clean up government of president karzai, efforts also made in the past. >> the kind of reform that
6:24 pm
president karzai and the afghan government announced are important. we're going to watch them carefully. and make clear our expectations that they be fulfilled. >> this conference was as much about domestic politicians in the u.k. and elsewhere as the conflict in afghanistan. the war is becoming increasingly unpopular. exit strategy with a centerpiece of talking and dealing with the enemy, a sign of how far things have gone. in london, deborah jeane palfrey, f -- in london, greg palkot, fox news. >> bret: back home, the president is calling for the end of the policy against gays serving openly. we report on where the issue goes from here. >> i will work with congress and our military to finally repeal the law that denies gay americans the right to serve the country they love because of who they are. [ applause ] >> they line in last night's "state of the union" address about the military's don't ask, don't tell policy did not get applause from the chiefs of the military
6:25 pm
service branches because they avoid comment on controversial issues, but it was not a surprise to them. the top military officials are preparing to give their best guidance to the president how a change in policy could be implemented and what they believe the potential impact would be on u.s. troops. >> ly participate in that process and provide my military advice to the secretary of defense and the president. you will be the second to know when i do. a>> a rare poll of active military shows 58% oppose, ending don't ask, don't tell. 10% of reupprespondents said th would know re-enlist if it's changed. former john mccaimccaic senator john mccain, says this -- >> change the policy of a sweeping nature would be a serious mistake. >> but the executive director
6:26 pm
of the aclu calls it, "the un-american and discriminatory don't ask don't tell policy and demands congress must now act swiftly to repeal this shameful policy." scrapping the policy requires congress to change the law banning gays and lesbians from openly serving in the military. for now, the pentagon is preparing for a new policy once the law is changed. >> we get loud and clear what the president's directive is on this. he wants to see a change. and if there is a change, when there is a change, we will do what we need to do to facilitate that change. >> next tuesday, defense secretary robert gates and chairman of the joints chiefs, mullen will testify before the senate armed services committee about the steps the military need to take in preparation for changing in don't ask, don't tell. gates said it needs to be done carefully so they will lay out adjustments necessary to do it responsibly. bret? >> mike emanuel live at the
6:27 pm
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we're not competing with the food supply. and they absorb co2, so they help solve the greenhouse problem, as well. we're making a big commitment to finding out... just how much algae can help to meet... the fuel demands of the world. >> bret: and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. president obama put lobbyists on the political chopping block wednesday night in his state of the union speech. quote: we must take action on
6:31 pm
both ends of pennsylvania avenue to end the outsized influence of lobbyists. that's why we have excluded lobbyists from policy-making jobs or seats on federal boards and admissions. but today, one day after that speech, the administration invited those same lobbyists to participate in a series of off the record conference calls with senior officials discussing topics like job creation, education, and even transparency. one lobbyists told the hill newspaper, quote, bash lobbyists, then reach out to us. bash lobbyists while i have received four democratic invitations for fundraisers. the white house confirms lobbyists were invited but, quote, the call is private and invitation only. we don't exclude lobbyists but they are not only for lobbyists. president obama also called out his predecessor, blaming the record deficits squarely on george w. bush saying, quote, by the time i took office, we had a one year deficit of over
6:32 pm
$1 trillion and projected deficits of 8 trillion over the next decade." but before sitting in the oval office, then senator obama voted for measures that set the stage for congress raising the deficit march 14th, 2008 he voted for the concurrent resolution that set the funding level for discretionary spending in the 2009 budget that ended up with a 400 billion-dollar deficit. obama signed on to the final conference report in june. on october 1st, 2008, senator obama voted in favor of the 700 billion-dollar tarp program. and in february of 2009, president obama signed into law the 787 billion-dollar stimulus bill, which had support from only three republicans. a stimulus package the congressional budget office now says is expected to cost more than $862 billion over the next 10 years. and finally, liberal talk show host bill press was recently denied a capitol hill press pass because he was told he was engaging in opinion and not
6:33 pm
journalism. the politico reports the 70-year-old pundit asked him long-time friend vermont senator bernie sanders for a job as an office intern. quote, i'm happy as a clam, press said. i get to go to cover events at the capitol and i have the honor of being an intern for senator bernie sanders, which is perfect for me because he is the only senator more liberal than i am. sanders equip quote his copying skills are improving but he has to learn how not to spill the coffee. a fresh face with a very familiar lineage is seeking a spot on the national political stage. senior correspondent eric shawn reports on the new nixon. >> hi, how are you doing? >> i'm chris cox. >> i'm running for congress. >> a 30-year-old aspiring politician embarking on first race. chris cox brings a heavyweight legacy on his campaign. he is chris nixon cox.
6:34 pm
president richard nixon's grandson. >> we need someone in congress who will fight for lower taxes, job creation, and restraining the budget deficit. that he was why i really want to get involved in this race. >> chris's parents are nixon's oldest daughter trisha and father ed cox republican party chairman. their son someone of seven candidates running in the republican race in new york's first congressional district the eastern part of long island. it is now represented by democrat tim bishop who is running for a fifth term. >> without question the most important issue is the economy and jobs. >> bishop says he is not focusing on a possible opponent but the issues. >> i don't know much about christopher. i have several people vying for the republican designation. i would be happy to talk about my opponent extensively once i know who he is or who she is. >> is he our new communication director. >> sea saw between both parties although bishop has handily won since 1992.
6:35 pm
cox thinks the seat is right for the taking. >> there is a lot of voter anger over what is going on in washington. having a incumbent who has voted 97% of the time with nancy ballots. i want to be representing suffolk county. >> i firmly believe the best way to present myself to my constituents as a candidate for reelection is to do the job i was elected to do. and so i am focusing 100% of my energy on being the best member of congress i can be. >> it turns out that chris cox is following his grand grandfather's political path. in 1946, richard nixon challenged a five term inincumbent congressman and won before going on to the senate the vice presidency and the oval office. for now his grandson only has eyes for the first step. in smith town long island, i'm acre sean, fox news. >> the lawyer for one of the four men accused of trying to tamper with the phones of louisiana democratic senator mary landrieu says the group was
6:36 pm
trying to capture video of her staff ignoring constituent complaints about health care reform. one of the four suspects is filmmaker james o'keefe whose undercover video exposed staff misbehavior at a liberal advocacy group acorn last year. we'll talk about what we did and didn't hear during the state of the union address. the fox all stars are coming right up. boss: hey, those gecko ringtones you put on our website are wonderful.
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go to or call 1-877-287-9140. for just $29.99 at red lobster. with fresh salads and biscuits, your choice of entrees, and an appetizer or a dessert to share. for a limited time at red lober. >> i think all of you understand the devastation remains. one in 10 americans still can't find work. that's why creating jobs has to be our number one priority in 2010. [cheers and applause] >> so long as we have the privilege of serving you, we will not stop fighting for your future. >> the president doesn't appear to have listened to what the people in massachusetts have said, what the people in new jersey and virginia had to say
6:40 pm
in the elections last year. and decided to just double down on his job killing agenda. >> well, the president traveled to florida today, referencing the state of the union address. in that address, of course, he spent most of the time on the economy, about two thirds of the speech. as far as foreign policy, take a look at the break down. the whole speech was 7080 words. about 12% on foreign affairs. and just to put some context on that, the last state of the union address for george w. bush 38%. bill clinton 15%. george w. bush 29%. one thing president obama did not talk about the trials for or possible trials for suspected terrorists in new york. let's bring in our panel, bill kristol editor of "the weekly standard." juan williams news analyst for "national public radio" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. bill, your thoughts. >> you didn't mention the most important line of the speech when he attacked tv pundits.
6:41 pm
i was outraached on his. he is attacking charles krauthammer and juan williams. the more the tv silly debates big issues to sound bites our citizens turn away. in a way, you know, first president i believe the state of the union to attack tv pundits. it's typical of the speech, frankly, where he took very little responsibility for having made no real errors. took no real responsibility. he didn't communicate on health care. i guess there weren't enough speeches. instead he attacked the supreme court, he attacked the supreme court. we have to have gays in the military. it was really a strikingly. he seems oblivious to the fact that he has been pursuing diligencely policy that a lot of americans don't approve of. >> bret: what about not talking about this effort to try 9/11 suspects in new york? >> i think he knows it's not going to happen, honestly. he foolishly two months ago and again another reckless thing. they hadn't thought it through. oh great let's hold a civilian trial of ksm in new york.
6:42 pm
not to mention the legal implications and security implications and immediate christmas day bomber a criminal suspect, treating him as criminal suspect instead of enemy combatant. no facing up to that he would be much better. not a great friend of his. one piece of advice if he is watching a tv pundit for a minute, you should admit your mistakes and put them behind you. the voters will forgive you. they have done that for president after president. you know what? i have made some mistakes in my first year. we are not going to have safelyian trial for ksm in new york. let health care sit on the back burner. few days in the media look he made mistakes and you know what? a new debate. all these things are hangs out over him? is he going to close gitmo? what about the ksm trial in new york? what about gitmo? all of those things are still sitting out there as issues. >> bret: we talked about the trials and some democrats are pulling back from the plans. dianne feinstein is the latest. she has reacted to new york city mayor michael bloomberg said this. he has a good point that the
6:43 pm
trial shouldn't be in new york city and that the administration should listen to that point. ksm does not have to be tried in new york city. if there is any evidence that this will either make new york city a target or present any unusual expenses and the mayor, and i have been a mayor, should be listened to. she was the mayor of san francisco. juan, do you sense the tied turning on this issue. >> the tide all. hill brand the senator from new york has joined this chorus and the police chief ray kelly has said, listen, we can provide the security but look at the cost. the cost now apparently is over $200 million. and that's prohibitive. so new york city is not saying they can't do it but they are saying you know what? it doesn't make sense to do it. what cost because they want the federal government to pay for it initially there was some thought that as a symbol. as a symbolic gesture to have the trial there and show that american law can, in fact, prosecute these terrorists, in my opinion, would be a terrific
6:44 pm
challenge and a terrific moment for all americans. but what has turned out is that the execution of this has just become overwhelming. i think that's why you see democrats like gill -- gillibrand, like feinstein say you know what? it doesn't work as a practical matter. >> bret: should he take bill's advice and get out ahead. you know what? we are not going to trial in new york. >> when i asked about this today the response that i got from people was you know what? we are down the road on this. remember, that the charges have been withdrawn in terms of the military charges. they have yet to file the civilian charges but that's the direction they are going in. >> bret: let's point that out, no 9/11 suspects are facing charges because the military charges have been dropped. >> the question now is exactly how soon can you get these people in court and are you satisfied if, in fact, it becomes an delay and you get to the point where you are 10 years after 9/11 and nobody has been tried? >> the president is not going to admit error.
6:45 pm
he never does. he does in the abstract but he will never admit he actually makes a human error on anything. so he won't on this. but he knows what's going to happen, which is the congress will rebel on this and it will pull the funding, get him off the hook and the issue end up behind him even though he doesn't do it himself. but what is remarkable is he gives the state of the union address a month after an attack that could have been utterly catastrophic and after a year and we have had three attacks, the arkansas murder, the fort hood massacre, and then, of course, the attack on the airliner. and he has almost practically nothing in his state of the union on terrorism. in fact, because his two decisions, the ksm trial in manhattan, and the granting of miranda rights to the guy who tried to blow up the airplane are indefensible. what he did do is he pretended that the only argument against him on these issues is that he
6:46 pm
is unpatriotic. he says all of us love our country. that's not at issue. we all love our country but there are ways in which you can defend it intelligently and there are ways of acting which are idiotic as his administration did in the case of louing the -- allowing the bomber christmas day attack miranda rights. as a result, we are receiving almost no information from someone who knows about active al qaeda cells in yemen. prism as i said is -- patriotiss the last refuge of this scoundrel. is he seeking refuge in implying that his questioning his patriotism, they are not. they are questioning his judgment. >> bret: downtown line, does congress pull funding on this? >> absolutely. >> looks like it. >> yes. no ksm trial in new york. no closing of gitmo. >> >> bret: no closing of gitmo. that will be a follow-up. ewe will talk about the criticism of the supreme court ruling and one justice's
6:47 pm
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>> last week the supreme court reversed a century old law that i believe will open the flood gates for special interest. including foreign corporations. spend without limit in our election. >> i find it's a little incredulous that he, and his legal team, didn't know that they were making a misstatement on purpose. some will call it a lie. some will call it political posturing. i just think it's a fundamental error. it's bad lawyering, it's bad judgment. >> bret: judge samuel alito seemed to be shaking his head saying not true. opinion by the supreme court last week citizens united.
6:51 pm
the white house thinks there could be loopholes here for american companies, foreign entities to still contribute through their american subsidiaries. here is what the white house said about this today. bill burton saying one of the great things about our democracy is that powerful members of the government at high levels can disagree in public and in private. this is one of those cases. we are back with the panel. juan williams pointed this out in the coverage last night but we will start with charles. >> let me say reserving the right to revise and extend my remarks. my previous reference to the wood scoundrel was meant -- not as a description of anyone's character. having too much respect for the office, i will launch into this event in which the president attacked the supreme court at the state of the union, which i believe is unprecedented. i thought was a breach of etiquette. the court is at that event not
6:52 pm
for pleasure and not even as a duty. it's not required. but as a sign of respect for the other branches. for the presidency and the congress. and to subject it to a direct attack in a setting in which it can't respond, i thought, was a breech of ed etiquette which shouldn't have happened. on the substance when the president said was breaking a 100 year precedent was wrong when linda greenhouse, the liberal supreme court reporter of "new york times" pointed out, the ruling on it years ago was the prohibition of a direct sending of money from corporations into the treasuries of candidates. that remains illegal. it was not touched in this decision. so there was no overturning of that precedent. what it dealt with is a question of corporations, funding speech attacking a candidate. and the court in its decision
6:53 pm
had said that it was not a dealing with that issue, which means if it wasn't, the existing statute, which prohibits it, stands. so i think he was wrong on the substance as well as the precedent here. >> bret: juan, you pointed out as moss fear atmospheres. go ahead. >> what stevens wrote was that there is the possibility that you would have multi nationals by the standards set by the majority that would then, through their u.s. subsidiaries be able continue to influence contributions to campaigns, not specifically to candidates but to campaigns. and that does remain a possibility. and i tell you the truth, what struck me was the atmospherics, if you think back on two points, one is f.d.r. who attacked the court in his time and then goes on to try to pull it back. he basically does not respect the court.
6:54 pm
i don't think we have seen that kind of anger directed at the court since then. secondly, remember that after the brown decision in 1954 and this is something i care passionately about there were many people in this country who thought this decision forcing integration of our public schools is abysmal. we don't have to abide by the high court's decision. president eisenhower said no, we are going to support the supreme court. ner the supreme court of this land. they don't have their own army. the u.s. government and they are part of this government is going to support this ruling no matter how unpopular it may be in some quarters. to have the supreme court, whether you agree or disagree them, subjected to an ovation that is intended to intimidate and ridicule them to me is dangerous to democracy. >> bret: bill? >> i don't know the supreme court deserves a lot of criticism sometimes. i think in the last '30 or 40 years. opinion that a court decision was wrongly decided. i don't know why he felt compelled to say this in the
6:55 pm
state of the union. it's not as if he vaguely calls i urge democrats and republicans to pass a bill that helps correct some of these problems. well, that's precise legislation. so he didn't have to address it but it's part of the pattern. instead of talking about the actual policies he has proposed. the actual policies he has executed in terms of closing guantanamo or getting information from the christmas. he is attacks the supreme court, attacking it v pundits. and tv pundits has done less damage to this country than the supreme court in my view. i was at home watching you guys there doing excellent job. he is attacking charles and juan. >> bret: we note charles comments have been revised and extended. >> and probably expunged. >> bret: that's it for the panel. stay tuned for one determined effort to go after the youth vote. upbeat rock. ♪ singer: hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪
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6:59 pm
voters. but this effort may be a little over the top. >> a tip of the hat to virginia state senator c.i.a. deeds who who -- creigh deeds who has promoted the purchase lifetime hunting licenses for children younger than 2 years old from now on. baby is packing two loads, giving lifetime licenses to infants is a fantastic idea, folks. i say the earlier the better. you can't fail a background check if you don't have a background yet. >> bret: that's it for this "special report," thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: he won the florida lottery, then a woman


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